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                     SMART SPOOKNRHA GERMANY SSP 2015

The Stallion Service Program of the NRHA Germany e. V. (SSP) was designed to help the
stallion owners to promote and present reining horses of all breeds. Stallion owners can pay
their stallions in the SSP for a fee of 708,50 Euro per year. This money is distributed as prize
money for the NRHA Germany Breeders Futurities (for three- and four-year-old horses) as
well as for the NRHA Germany Breeders Derbies (for five- and six-year-old horses).
Horses of all breeds may participate.
Stallions must be enlisted and paid before September 20th of the year following the SSP-
year; this is the year in which the eligible horses are being sired (see schedule).
The NRHA Germany e.V. is not responsible for the correct enlistment of a nominated stallion.
NRHA Germany e.V. recommends the mare owners to ascertain at the NRHA Germany e.V.-
office whether a nominated stallion has been duly paid and its offspring is eligible.
Offspring is eligible as 3-year-old and again as 4-year-old to compete at the NRHA Germany
Breeders Futurity, in addition, they are eligible as 5-year-old and again as 6-year-olds to
compete at the NRHA Germany Breeders Derby. Offspring is eligible only if their sire was
completely paid. Only offspring born in the year following the relevant year of being sired is
eligible for NRHA Germany Breeders Futurities and Breeders Derbies. Offspring resulting from
any siring in the following season are not eligible unless the sire is paid up again in the SSP.
Lists of eligible offspring that are for sale are regularly published in Western Horse and can
also be obtained from the NRHA Germany office. All owners of horses eligible for the NRHA
Breeders Futurity and NRHA Breeders Derby are entitled to enter their horses in the sales
lists, provided they are a member of NRHA Germany e. V.

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