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Breeders Derby 2022 presented by DP Reining Horses

Breeders Derby 2022 presented by DP Reining Horses

The Breeders Derby 2022 presented by DP Reining Horses is already one of the greatest European reining events of the year. It was held from June 19 to 25 in Kreuth, Upper Palatinate, and it was an event of records: a total of 308 horse-rider pairings took part in the event. Of these, 21 were Youth Derby participants and 138 reining riders traveled from eleven European countries, of which 67 participated in the Non Pro competition. In addition, 71 horses older than eight years were entered for the event - an absolute record, especially because the horses were entered equally for the Open and Non Pro classifications.

Due to enormous demand, both the Open and Non Pro Go Rounds had to be split over two days. 69 riders qualified for each of the finals, which were judged by Adi Wagner, Alessandro Meconi, Greogory Legrand, Jule Rossner and Markus Morawitz.

Three Reserve Champions in Non Pro Level 1

Sara Galimberti with LATE LITTLE WHIZ (Breeder: Silvia Sgaggio) took the second top score in Non Pro Level 1 after Lukas Behringer. While she already had a strong ride in the preliminary round, but then left the arena with 209.5 points due to a slip-up, she showed a faultless ride in the final. And not only that - with spectacular stops and strong circles she managed 213 points, which meant the Reserve Champion title in Level 1 for her. But the reiner had to share this title, because Maria Otten also rode her buckskin-colored THE SPOOK COOP (Breeder: Pia Kalle) to 213 points with remarkable fast and courageous circles and was enthusiastic about her horse. "He is always super in the circles, I can rely on him there," she said after her ride. But it didn't stay with the double placing either. Cornelia Milchram on STARLIT SPOOK (Breeder: Rosanne Sternberg), who competed for the first time in Kreuth, managed a great premiere. With 210.5 points from the preliminary round, they made it to the Level 1 and 2 finals, where they showed a highly harmonious ride with great maneuvers that also earned them a score of 213 and the Reserve Champion Non Pro Level 1 title. "He is just such a great horse, he is so much fun to ride," she raved about her SMART SPOOK son. "I absolutely trusted him this time, and he gave me so much back!"


Rebecca Folcia won Non Pro Level 1, 2 and the Youth Derby

But these excellent performances were topped by one rider: As the last rider of the Non Pro Section 1 Rebecca Folcia rode into the arena with LS DUN BLUE BERRY (Breeder: Impr Agr La Selvetta). The Co Go Round Leader Level 1 made sure already at the Run In that the whole East Bavarian Hall followed her ride captivated. With a score of 213 in the Go Round, she had presented strongly, and the spectators watched fascinated as she even surpassed this performance! With spectacular spins and outstanding stops, she picked up 215.5 points and rode seemingly easily to victory in Level 1, in Level 2 and the Youth Derby. This gave her a great win against a strong, international Non Pro starting field and 20 youth riders from three European countries in two Go Rounds, and she is happy about her next success after her win at the 2021 Italian Derby in Level 1. "I am so happy because my horse is just great! He surprises me every time we go to the arena, I didn't expect this ride to be so good," said Rebecca Folcia.

Strong Rides in the Non Pro Riders Level 4

24 horse-rider combinations qualified in the Go Rounds for the Level 4 Final and fought for the title in the highest level.

Nina Zinsli took an early lead in this level in Section 2 with her TR REINMAN (Breeder: Tamarack Ranch LLC). Already in the Go Round the duo cut a good figure, but in the final they went one better. Dizzying spins, great stops and precise rollbacks helped her score 215 points, and she temporarily took the lead in Level 4. "It was so nice, it was so much fun, I don't think I've ever ridden that fast," she beamed after her ride. She has been training with her TR REINMAN for a year and could hardly believe her happiness at this joint achievement.

In the last set of the Non Pro Final, five top-class and experienced show riders, who achieved scores between 214 and 215 in the Go Round, competed one after the other. After Celina Bachleitner with her PAINTBALL GUN (Breeder: Randy Paul) unfortunately overreached, Olga Hofmann with WALLA WHIZ KEEN (Breeder: Olga Hofmann) and Nadia Schieder with RM SPOOKSGOTTASTAR (Breeder: Massimo Rudari) showed two great rides with 213,5 and 214 points, and Michelle Maibaum finished the pattern early due to a mistake on the circles, the spectators in the Ostbayernhalle were eagerly waiting for the last rider: Adrienne Speidel with CDC CROMED RESOLVE (Breeder: Fabian Strebel). She was Co Go Round Lead Level 3 and 4 with Nadia Schieder. The Swiss rider already convinced in the Go Round with her impressive ambition and precision.

Adrienne Speidel and CDC CROMED RESOLVE lived up to their role as favorites

Adrienne Speidel's first stop was already perfectly placed during the Run In in the Final. The Swiss rider was highly focused while navigating her horse of heart through the pattern. Highly precise and spectacular maneuvers were rewarded with 218.5 points, which meant winning Level 3 and Level 4. She came out of the arena beaming with joy and was showered with praise and hugs from friends, family and acquaintances. "I have to say it: I'm doing 'ure awesome," she laughed after her ride. "Winning is almost easy with this horse because he's so incredibly talented. I just said to my sister outside, 'He's ready!' He did everything I asked him to do." Last year, the duo missed out on making it to the Breeders Derby Finals, so she was even more pleased with this win now.

Patrick Göschl rode THE GUN MAKER to victory in Level 1 Open

The Open Final of the Breeders Derby 2022 presented by DP Reining Horses was the highlight of the show week. 69 professional riders qualified for the final and gave their all to travel home with one of the four champion titles. In a heated battle, the three best riders of the evening were determined.

The first high score in level 1 was taken by Patrick Göschl with THE GUN MAKER (Breeder: Silvano Bonzullo). After Lars Nebel with N MAHAGON WHIZ (Breeder: Erwin Niehues) and Christina Gruber with GUNBOOMBANG (Breeder: Anja Deutzmann) had presented themselves with scores of 210.5 and 211, the Stop N Go Stables trainer took 213 points and the new lead in Level 1. Thus the duo achieved 2.5 points more than in the preliminary round. The trainer had used the days between Go Round and Final intensively to thoroughly adjust his horse to the conditions in the East Bavarian Hall. "In the beginning he had quite some problems with the ground, now we have reshoed him," he explained. And the measures obviously paid off! "Now it's a matter of trepidation," added Patrick Göschl, because five riders, including Go Round Lead Level 1, Tim Tuscher with TT LIL JOE CASH (Breeder: Tim Tuscher), were still competing after him in the Level 1 classification. But none of the other teams came close to this performance. Small mistakes cost them points, so that they had to line up behind Patrick Göschl. He, in turn, was happy to win his first Breeders Derby Champion title! "I am unbelievably happy, last year we were Reserve Champions, so it is even nicer to stand here as Champion now," he beamed at the award ceremony.

Alexander Ripper defended Champion title Level 2 Open

The second highscore in Level 2 Open, after Mona Dörr with SMOKING VOODOO (Breeder: Quarter Dream s.r.l.), who scored 213 points, went to Alexander Ripper. Already in the Go Round the rider from Odenwald showed an admirable ride in the saddle of RHMSPOOKSGOTTANUMASK (Breeder: Roger H. JR Moss) with highly precise circles and all around successful sliding stops. In the final, he navigated his Breeders Derby Co Champion horse of 2021 Open Level 2, RHMSPOOKSGOTTANUMASK, through the test with utmost precision. Strong maneuvers and a trembling East Bavarian Hall helped him to a great score of 219. With this, the victory in Level 2 was already secured for him, because the only one who could have surpassed this was himself. With his second Breeders Derby Co Champion horse 2021 Open Level 2, BAY GUNNER (Breeder: Nathalie Beaulieu McEntire), with whom he held the Go Round Lead Level 2, he managed another great ride, scoring 216 and thus also securing him the Reserve Champion title in Level 2. "I'm totally speechless because it was my goal to defend this Champion title - and it worked!" beamed Alexander Ripper after his ride. "I just told myself 'drüwwer und druff'," he laughed, and it more than paid off for him!

Five rider-horse combinations tied with a score of 219

With his ride, Alexander Ripper also set a new bar in Level 4 Open. Three other riders managed to earn the same score: Mirko Midili with NOT BLACK AT ALL, Grischa Ludwig with his second and third finalist horse, GUNNIT IN HOLLYWOOD (Breeder: Giulio Trevisan) and WEST COAST TRASH (Breeder: Sabine Ehrenreich) as well as Million Dollar Rider Ann Fonck-Poels with CS SAILING GUN (Breeder: CS Ranch Management SA). The four reining professionals ended up in third place in the final standings, as they were briefly surpassed at the top by Nico Sicuro with SUGAR LITTLE STEP (Breeder: Wolf-Dieter Luft) until Dominik Reminder relegated the duo from Italy to second place.

Dominik Reminder and BMS WALLA GETCHA GUN won the Open Levels 3 and 4

Dominik Reminder presented his Breeders Futurity 2021 Go Round lead horse BMS WALLA GETCHA GUN (Breeder: Barbara Seibold). They already showed a particularly remarkable ride in the Breeders Derby Go Round. The duo was entered after the owner, Kerstin Müller, presented the sorrel-colored stallion herself in the Non Pro Go Round, but unfortunately made a mistake and then just missed the final. With a very successful ride, the trainer scored 217.5 points in the preliminary round. Already during the Run In it was obvious that he wanted to top this performance in the final. The following dizzying spins, circles at top speed and perfect stops helped Dominik Reminder to a new high score in level 3 and 4. The judges gave him 222 points on a great presented pattern. Although favorites like Sylvia Rzepka with WIMPY WALLA WHIZ (Breeder: Christina J. Riley), Mirko Midili with GD PEPTOS OLENA BLUE (Breeder: Domenico Giannitti) or Nico Sicuro with COLONELS DANCING GUN (Breeder: Quarter Dream s.r.l.) followed him, no one could deny him the victory in Level 4. "I feel incredible," Dominik Reminder said after his ride. "It wasn't really planned that I show him (BMS WALLA GETCHA GUN) here, but when my girlfriend didn't make it to the finals, we re-nominated him and it couldn't have gone better," he rejoiced. Although the duo had previously been rather dogged by bad luck, their fortunes turned around with a joint win at the NRHA Germany Breeder Derby presented by DP Reining Horses.

Dominik Reminder also won in Level 3 and thus asserted himself against strong competition. For example, he left Davide Brighenti with AR SPAT SNAPPER (Breeder: Sabrina Adam) behind. The duo scored 217 points with a highly harmonious ride. Or also Emanuel Ernst, who competed with ARC AMERICAN EXPRESS (Breeder: Arcese Quarter Horses USA). The duo managed an all-around perfect ride, which was rewarded with 220 points. "I'm doing mega good, of course! To be able to ride here in the final after a tough go round with an incredibly strong starting field is an award in itself," said the experienced Open professional. In the final classification Emanuel Ernst won the Reserve Champion title in Level 3 Open.

After a captivating week of top reining sport in Kreuth, starters, visitors and exhibitors traveled home with the impressions of a very successful event. NRHA Germany congratulates all finalists, placers and champions on their outstanding performances!