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FNP 2023

FNP 2023

In 1991, NRHA Germany initiated the Stallion Service Program (SSP), now one of the most successful reining breeding support programs in the world. The system is quite simple: Every owner who wants to present their horse at the Breeders Futurity or Breeders Derby must nominate it. The earlier the horse is nominated, the lower the nomination fee. The great advantage of these programs: Once paid, the nomination is valid for a lifetime. This means that if a foal is nominated, it is eligible for the Breeders Futurity as a three and four-year-old and unrestricted for the Breeders Derby from the age of five onwards. This is globally unique in its form. The revenues from SSP and FNP form the prize money pool for the Breeders Futurity and the Breeders Derby. Since 2019, offspring of non-SSP nominated stallions can also be enrolled with NRHA Germany and subsequently compete. Foals born this year can be nominated since August 1. However, the particularly favorable foal rate only applies until January 10th! Older foals and horses can be enrolled in the FNP at any time with the corresponding nomination fees.

Nomination Form

You can find the foal nomination form here: SSP Forms | NRHA 
Since March 1, 2019, there is a dedicated NRHA Germany e.V. website, which offers the possibility of online nomination of stallions and foals/horses. The details of online nomination can be found on the "Help" page of the website Videos on registering and nominating stallions and foals are available here. In addition to online nomination, the option to nominate stallions and foals using nomination forms via mail, fax, or email is still available.

Is my horse nominated?

You can check in the FNP/SSP database if your horse is eligible to compete. The database can be found here: 
You can also check whether the stallion has been enrolled in the database. Select SSP and enter the name of the stallion (Sire). If your horse was born in 2019, the stallion must have been enrolled in 2017. For horses from the 2020 crop, the stallion must have been enrolled in 2018, and so on.

Do I need to be a member of NRHA Germany as a nominator?

Membership is not required at the time of nomination but is recommended.

My horse has not yet received its registration papers from the breed association (AQHA/APHA), what should I do now?

For nomination, the presentation of the Certificate of Registration is not necessary. However, for identification and subsequent tracking, the birthdate, Sire & Dam, and if applicable, the requested name are necessary. The COR can be submitted to in- Entfernen Sie diesen Textteil as soon as it is available.

By when do I have to nominate and pay for my horse?

The deadlines are as follows: Weanlings can be nominated until January 10 of the year following the birth year. Yearlings and older horses must be nominated by December 31 of each year. After the nomination is received, the invoicing (processing time currently about 6-8 weeks) is done by the office. If no other payment method has been indicated, the payment target is 14 days after receiving the invoice.

I haven't found the form anywhere/am currently on vacation/unable to nominate online, but I have already transferred the fee.

Prepayments or transfers without proof do not automatically result in the horse's nomination! The crucial factor is the receipt of the nomination form/online nomination. Please make transfers only after invoicing.

I purchased a foal, and I'm not sure if the horse has already been nominated. What can I do?

All nominated horses can be found in the SSP database: 

All information and the complete conditions of the nomination program can be found here: 

PDF "CONDITIONS" Online Nomination (registration required; this is not the same access as the member login): 

FAQ "How do I nominate my horse": 

Below are the links to corresponding help videos: Help with registration for the SSP/FNP area 

Help with entering a stallion/foal in the SSP/FNP catalog 

Help with SSP/FNP database query: