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Maria Theresia Till wins Novice Horse Non

Maria Theresia Till wins Novice Horse Non

Kreuth. 21 year old Maria Theresia Till seems to be on path for success.

In today's Novice Horse Non Pro at the NRHA Germany Breeders Derby she scored a 142 aboard Arc Captain, winning the class. In monday's Non Pro Derby Go-Round she was also able to take the lead in the Level 1 on her mare Saras Special Nite (Gunners Special Nite x  Sara Goes Hollywood) marking a 213.


The placings:

  1. Nathalie Fischer-Reiser mit Chic Smart Wimpy, Score 141 (Reserve-Champion)
  2. Clemens Bellemann und Mj Einsteins Blanca , Score 140,5
  3. Franziska Engel und KD WHIZOFFTHEFUTURE, Score 137,5 137½
  4. Elza Olach und Kam Holly Instep, Score 137

5 . Nikolai Stiller und Hollywood Gunrunner, Score 137

  1. Theresia Schlager und Chekaspook, Score 137

8 . Hartmut Kalk und Ps A Bit Of Whiz, Score 136,5


Team NRHA Germany congratulates the winner and all placed exhibitors.