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Trainingscamp with fun factor, motivation and success

Trainingscamp with fun factor, motivation and success



These were the participants, coaches and organisers of the NRHA Over 30 trainings camp 2018

A big thank you goes out to all involved in putting this camp together. If you take a look behind the scenes you will soon realize how much time and effort goes into a camp like this.

We would like to name specifically Frauke Gurka and Nadine Elsner from the NRHA Germany office for taking care of everything administrative, including stall plans, coffee and cookies in the office, putting together the groups and selecting the coaches as well as the knowledgable and friendly judge Steffen Kraft, who judged the competition at the end of the camp training days. On top of it all every participant got to home with an engraved stainless thermos coffee mug.


The coaches volunteered to coach at the Over 30 camp and did a great job. A huge thank you to Sandra Breitenstein, Steffen Breug, Alex Ripper and Julia Schumacher.

They worked tirelessly with a lot of motivation non stop to help horses and rider, gave tips on how to get better, always with a sense of humor leading to lots of laughter. All participants seemed to agree that working with different trainers was what they enjoyed the most. Every trainer had his or her own style, which covered every individuals needs. The coaching was always tailored to the individual capabilities of horses and riders and covered all reining maneuvers from circles and speed control to lead changes, rollbacks and stops. Also rider's seats and even ranch riding elements were tackled and improved. Last but not least several trainers like Steffen Breug and Alex Ripper coached their riders through the competition, which completed the camp saturday afternoon.

Photo shoot with Tom Hautmann during the Over 30 camp

Photo: Andrea Bayer

As a bonus Tom Hautmann gave a seminar on photography with emphasis on properly photographing sport horses. He explained how to take emotional photos to perfectly present horses. An interesting presentation that was followed by a real life photo shoot. Thank you to Tom Hautmann for giving an inside view of horse show photography.


Fachsimpeln unter Trainern nach dem üppigen Abendessen in Tareks Box

Tarek took care of the culinary aspect of the camp in his "Box 2 Go" and fed the participants on two nights with delicious themed buffets - an italian buffet on friday followed by a  BBQ buffet on saturday night.

Great atmosphere during dinner

Most of the participants have already decided that they will return to next year's edition of the camp. Here are some of their statement:

Christina Janovsky: „Rider from any level were able to profit from the camp and the division into 5 groups was good. It was my third time at the camp and I would come back anytime. The only thing missing was the welcome speach."

Steffen Breug, part of Over 30 camp since its inception: „The camp has always been very helpful for riders. You could see significant improvements. It provides impulses for horse show competitors, the sport and the shows.“

Frederyk Schikora and Bianca Wörle: „We are here for the first time and it is simply great! The coaches that were selected for the camp are awesome and we are happy about the ground is being taken care of. Superb organisation, no stress. The food was great. We are signing up for next year right away.“

Laura Geist: "It is my first time and it's been really awesome. A good atmosphere the whole time. Both my horse and me have really made some improvements. I would love to come back.“

Roland Sauer: „2014 was the first Over 30 camp here in Kreuth and I have been here everytime since. In the beginning I came alone and now I am bringing along my own students. I believe it's a great thing and good education, both for myself and my students. On top of that it's great fun with a fun atmosphere. Reining at its best. Thank you to everybody involved.“ 

Ursula Gross

1.Place Iris Gerl on RED CHEX ENTERPRISE

Awards presentation after the competition concluding the camp

Here the results of the class:

A snapshot from the competition - Photo: Tom Hautmann