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FAQ´s Horse Nomination NRHA Germany Stallion Service Program

How to nominate your Horses:


To Do in 2024:

Nominate your Stallion for SSP 2023 (Breeding year 2024). Nomination Period 01.11.2023-31.07.2024.

Nominate your Foal for SSP 2022 (year of Birth 2024). Nomination Period 01.08.2024-10.01.2025


Nominate your Stallion for SSP 2024 (Breeding year 2025). Nomination Period 01.11.2024-31.07.2025 Add-to-catalog


SSP New Highlights

The NRHA Germany Stallion Service Program (SSP) was changed in important parts at the 2016 Annual General Meeting by resolution of the membership. Below is a brief summary of the most important changes and nomination periods for stallions and horses/foals. For all details like nomination fees, nomination periods and eligibility of the SSP please read the respective conditions of the corresponding SSP year.

Stallions no longer need to be nominated for their offspring to be eligible to compete in the Breeders Futurity and Breeders Derby, but horses/foals must be nominated.

The nomination fee of horses/foals as offspring of stallions that are nominated is lower than the nomination fee of offspring of non-nominated stallions.

For offspring of non-nominated stallions born in 2018 or earlier, a transitional rule applies. These horses can start at the 3-year old, 4-year old Breeders Futurity or at the Breeders Derby for a post-nomination fee of 1.000,00€ per start but maximum 3.000,00€ in addition to the respective valid entry fees.

The changes of the NRHA Germany SSP are valid from the SSP year 2017.