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Data Privacy Statement

We at NRHA Germany are delighted to welcome you to our website and appreciate your interest in our association, our events and shows. To ensure that while visiting our site and making use of our services you feel safe we are taking the protection of your personal data and their safety while processing said data very seriously.

We would like to inform you herein about when we collect data and how we make use of them - obviously while under any circumstances obeying the current laws of data protection of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Anonymous Data Acquisition

While accessing our website our web servers automatically collect data of a general nature. This includes the web browser, the system software, the IP address of the computer utilized, the website which routed you through to our site, pages visited on our site as well as time and date of your visit. These data do not contain any personal information. They are solely being used anonymously for statistical purposes.

Collecting and Processing of Personal Data

Personal data are only being collected if you volunteer these for the purpose of signing up for a membership, entering a horse show, participating in other equine events, nominating a stallion for the stallion service program, place an order within our partner program, participate in a survey or raffle. In each case you will be informed regarding the purpose of the data acquisition. If necessary you will be asked to give consent to the recording and processing of your data.

Use and Transmission of acquired data

Personal data acquired by us are solely being used for the purpose they were intended to be used for unless consent is given for data to be used otherwise. They are only being made available to third parties if necessary for the original purpose.

You data will not be sold, rented out or otherwise made available to a third party. Transmission of personal data to official authorities only take place within binding legal provisions. Our staff as well as independent contractors necessary to honor our contractual duties are obliged to adhere to the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany

Membership of NRHA Germany

Upon applying for a membership with NRHA Germany the petitioner and subsequent member gives permission to NRHA Germany to record and edit personal data of the petitioner and subsequent member of NRHA Germany. NRHA Germany will only utilize said data for purposes benefitting the association and to fulfill rights and duties towards their membership.

Participation in NRHA Shows and other Equine Events

Upon submitting entry forms seeking to participate in a horse show or other event by NRHA Germany (and their regional affiliates) the participant gives permission to NRHA Germany to collect and process personal data. NRHA Germany will only collect data of the participant necessary for the execution of a horse show or event in accordance with the rules and regulations that apply. This includes data such as an individual participant's performance and show results necessary to be archived permanently for news coverage, compilation of ranking lists, cumulative accomplishments (lifetime earnings), eligibility etc.

The participant expressly gives his/her consent that NRHA Germany may transmit these data and horse show results to other associations upon their request. These associations may be headquartered outside the jurisdiction of the European Union. This concerns classes approved by the National Reining Horse Association USA, FN/FEI classes sanctioned by the National Federation FN or the Fédération Equestre International FEI, Switzerland.

Furthermore the participant gives his/her consent that NRHA Germany or its independent contractors take photographs and videos of participants at NRHA Germany sanctioned shows and events which may be recorded permanently and processed. NRHA Germany will only utilize this material for purposes of media coverage and advertising for NRHA Germany and its shows and events.

NRHA Germany Stallion Service Program (SSP)

By nominating a stallion for the Stallion Service Program or a foal for the Foal Nomination Program the nominator gives his consent to NRHA Germany to record and process personalized data. NRHA Germany will only record and process data necessary for the execution of the SSP as defined in the SSP conditions.

The nominator gives his/her consent that NRHA Germany may utilize all data, information and photographic/videographic material provided by the nominator as part of the SSP for media coverage and advertising for the SSP and NRHA Germany.

Furthermore the partner accepts that NRHA Germany may use the data provided including pictures for media coverage and advertisement of NRHA Germany, NRHA Germany shows and events.


In some areas of our site so called cookies may be used. A cookie is a small text file, which is saved by the website onto your hard drive. Cookies do not harm your computer and do not contain viruses. Cookies used on our website do not collect any personal data. The information contained within the cookies are only being used to make use of our site easier for you and to customize it for your personal needs.


NRHA Germany is utilizing technical and organizational safety measures to protect your data, that are being processed by us from random or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by authorized third parties. Our safety precautions are constantly being updated in accordance with upcoming technological developments.

Rights of those affected

Upon request we will inform you if and which personal data have been collected by us. If in spite of our best efforts regarding correctness and currentness false information has been recorded we will upon request correct these. You may at any time revoke your consent to record and process data in the future simply by sending a short message.

Furthermore if you have any questions regarding processing of your personal data, ideas or complaints please contact our data protection officer.

NRHA Germany e.V.

Data Protection Officer

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